SeeMax Master

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Dual Power Aberration Control Progressive Lenses

Seemax Master takes lens customization to new heights. It builds on Nikon Presio master's technology. Apart from the existing features of Presio master, the Seemax Master customises the lens design for the following parameters:


  • Remarkably larger usable lens area
  • Most comfortable and natural vision possible
  • Personalized vision according to your fitting features
  • Eliminates visual stress

Fitting Parameters

Fitting parameters are unique to each patient. Fitting parameters, combined with SEEMAX Master customized design, ensure the highest level of comfort without compromise.

Variable Inset

Many factors can affect the value of the ideal variable inset. Presio Master & Seemax Master take into account the far vision power and the pupillary distance when calculating the ideal inset. However Seemax Master goes one step further by allowing ECPs to customize the inset value to the wearers' exact working distance, ensuring a perfect match.

Frame Shape

Seemax Master uses a Nikon exclusive frame parameter to further improve the optical quality and reduce aberrations : the frame shape. While the frame shape is usually needed to optimize a lens thickness, Nikon goes further and uses this parameter to dramatically reduce aberrations. This is the same technology that is used for Seemax Single Vision.

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