We at Delta Lens Pvt. Ltd., use state of the art machinery to deliver superior optical performance. We realize the need to constantly upgrade our technology in order to deliver unmatched quality and precision.

Ever since the conception of our production facility in 1995 we have invested our resources in making sure that every lens that we deliver to our customers are manufactured using the lightest quality of materials available. Each lens is checked for accuracy at 3 different steps in the production cycle to ensure that each end user of the lenses receives the best possible optical solution.

Our technicians undergo extensive training at regular intervals; this helps us raise their overall productivity and knowledge that results in a finished product worthy of your eyes.

Our lens processing is split between 2 departments,

  • Traditional Surfacing
  • Digital Surfacing

For Traditional surfacing of the lenses we use STEP ONE blocker and SGX & XRT generators from Coburn Technology.

For the digital surfacing we use the PRA blocker from SatisLoh and the HSC smart generator from Schneider, as well as the Orbit VFT Generator from Satis Loh.

In order to ensure superior scratch resistance of our lenses we use the SCL CD 500 and coat the lenses with TITUS coat from Essilor. By coating these lenses with TITUS we significantly improve the life of the anti reflection coating and subsequently the life of the lenses. 

All of our lenses are treated with Essilors award winning Crizal or Crizal A2 anti-reflection coatings, we use the Satis Vaccum 380 Machine for this purpose.

We offer a tinting option on our RxLenses, additionally we also offer a Silver mercury coating option as well as a color mercury coating option on all our Rx lenses. Ours is the only Lab in India, which offers the colour mercury coating option.

Our lens fitting center is fully automated and is equipped to handle all different types of lens fittings. We use the Mr. Blue machine for all our fitting requirements. Mr. Blue is a one of its kind fully automated fitting machine that enables us to offer the kind of fitting that compliments the superior design of your lenses.