SeeMax Single Vision

SeeMax Single Vision

Recommended for wearers with astigmatism and contact lens wearers

Double Side Custom Made Single Vision Lens

SeeMax incorporates Nikon unrivaled expertise in the optical system to create a lens that delivers unsurpassed visual performance across the entire surface of the lens. Distortions on the periphery are reduced significantly.


  • Offers the highest level of visual performance and aesthetic
  • Especially recommended for high astigmatism

Multi - Directional Double-Aspheric Lens

Double asphericity is not a new concept. It offers improved optical performance over conventional aspheric lenses for astigmatic prescriptions. However, Nikon SeeMax brings double aspheric techology to a new level.

SeeMax incorporates an extra 6 aspherical axes into the back of the lens, allowing optical performance to be maximized at every gaze angle.

Customized to the Frame Shape and Prescription

The visual performance is enhanced according to the frame shape chosen. This is achieved with Nikon Optical Design Engine (NODE), Which improves performance within the useful zone of the lens corresponding to the frame shape.

NODE system is an automatic design calculation programme. It continuously redesigns each evaluation point until the whole surface falling inside the frame shape is optimal in terms of acuity. This ensures accurate powers even in the lens peripihery.

Power Range More Information
Nikon SeeMax Single VisionMax Cyl -600
1.60 White & Transitions +800/-1000
1.67 White & Transitions +800/-1600
1.74 White +1000/-2000