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Home and Office Home and Office Home and Office Home and Office

Recommended for wearers multi-tasking in indoor situations whether at home or at work

The Perfect Enhanced Intermediate Vision Lens for Home and Office

Intermediate and near vision are more important compared to far vision in order to live and work comfortably indoors.
Home & Office is the perfect solution for wearers who spend long hours at home and office, delivering high quality and comfortable near and intermediate vision.


  • Clear vision up to several meters
  • Suitable for small frames
  • No need to put on and off unlike reading glasses


Stress free near vision for reading, cooking and more comfortable and natural near vision for all kinds of desk work.


Natural and comfortable vision from watching TV to chatting with the family. From your laptop to the whiteboard, back to your laptop with one pair of glasses, all at ease.


One pair of glasses is all you need to move around at home. You won't need to put your glasses on and off any longer to get around the office.

Power Range More Information
Nikon Home & OfficeMax Cyl -400Addition
1.50 White +500/-700 0.75 to 3.50
1.60 White +500/-1000 0.75 to 3.50
1.67 White +500/-1000 0.75 to 3.50