Bravo Bravo Bravo

High Definition Progressives

Bravo is specially designed for working professionals who demand the best all round performing progressive lens. Incorporating cutting-edge wave-front technology, this advanced progressive design offers high definition(HD) optics and exceptional visual comfort at all viewing distances.


  • Balanced 3-in-1 vision design.
  • Clearer and higher contrast.
  • Thinner and lighter lens.
  • All lenses are specially coated with premium STEEL HMC for superior clarity and ease of cleaning.

Wavefront Analyzed Design

Point-to-point wavefront analysis allows for the creation of an exceptionally accurate progressive design that is uniquely speciļ¬c to an individual's prescription.

Atoral Aspheric Optics

The specialised atoral optics works to eliminate oblique astigmatism thereby enhancing side vision and overall fields of vision. It also ensures that Bravo lenses are as thin and light as possible.

Premium STEEL Coating

Bravo progressives are coated in premium STEEL anti-reflection coating. STEEL offers the best coating performance for scratch protection, clarity and smudge-free vision.

Power Range
BravoMax Cyl-400RegularShort
1.50 White +600/-800 0.75 to 3.50 0.75 to 3.00