Recommended for wearers who want to upgrade from reading glasses or use as a complementary pair

The perfect extended near vision lens for near activities


Greater Versatility

Online offers the best vision correction for such tasks as working on a drafting table, computer-related work, or simply reading a newspaper. Its wide intermediate vision enables continuous use up to about 3m (distance may vary according to the prescription).


  • Ideal for Single vision wearers requiring near and intermediate vision
  • Computer usage
  • Ideal for Contact lens wearers needing near correction
  • Ideal for Progressive lens wearers looking for an additional pair of lenses for enhanced near vision


Extends Vision over Bifocals

Online is the new generation of reading lenses, where the power gradually decreases from the bottom portion of the lens (near zone) towards the upper portion of the lens (intermediate zone).

Bifocals offer a wide field of vision, but they are strictly limited to a single reading plane. Online extends the width and depth of the field of vision, making it possible to see objects beyond the near zone, such as computer screens. The focal power variation enables true intermediate vision.

Ultimate Comfort and Performance for Near Vision Tasks

Online Wide is a near vision lens with an intermediate vision digression-not a distance vision lens with near vision progression.

Sharper and wider, for smooth access to your near vission

Power Range More Information
OnlineMax Cyl-400Addition
1.50 Clear +500/-400 1/2