Delta Lens Pvt Ltd has been one of the pioneers in the Indian Ophthalmic Industry.

The promoters of DLPL have been in the trade of Ophthalmic Lenses since the early 1960’s. Founded on the principles of superior quality matched with unparalleled service, Delta made a transition from being a trading house into a manufacturing enterprise in 1995 when it acquired the exclusive distribution and manufacturing rights of Kodak Lenses from Signet Armolite U.S.A.

Ever since this transition took place DLPL has been at the forefront of technology in the Indian Ophthalmic Industry setting new standards for quality every year. In 1998, Delta became the first company to bring the latest Anti Reflection Coating (ARC) technology to India. Delta was also the first company to Introduce True Hard Coat Technology in India.

In 2005, Delta Lens entered into a JV with Essilor, the world leader in Ophthalmic Lenses, a French MNC, and with this began a new ERA in Delta’s History.  Shortly after the JV with Essilor in 2007, Delta brought the finest Japanese technology in Ophthalmic Lenses to India by introducing Nikon Ophthalmic Lenses.

DLPL introduced Calligraphy Lenses as well as Bravo Digital Lenses at the start of 2012.

Today Delta has one of the widest product ranges in the India Market with Calligraphy and Nikon being its flagship brands. It has created a Niche for itself in the high-end market. Delta’s products are sold only through premium opticians across India.